Zhongshan Yige art engineering co. LTD
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    Address: China. No.28, shang hu xuan, no.28, cuihong road, zhongshan city, guangdong province
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    To complete professional home solutions for customers, when signing the contract, strictly follow the drawing plan for the quotation.

  • 02

    The gold medal will be checked and checked for your home.

  • 03

    Material entry and acceptance, each material enter the customer's signature confirmation, before construction.

  • 04

    Designer erp tracking system, software tracking service, tracking service.

  • 05

    0.1.24: water and electricity urgent problems are solved immediately, the warranty is within one hour, and 24-hour on-site inspection and maintenance.

  • 06

    Maintenance of the life value of home decoration project: two years of maintenance of basic engineering, eight years of hidden engineering warranty.


Zhongshan Yige art engineering co. LTD located in the pearl river west bank, the great sun yat-sen's hometown - zhongshan city, 50 km within the scope of its radius is decoration material industry cluster base in China, is a brand of numerous national building materials household products manufacturers, such as vantage, nature, liansu, Venus ceramic tile and so on. One art engineering co., LTD. Is located in zhongshan, which can be used for the national consumers to select new style....more

  • Brand advantage

    Ten years strength witness and test, achievement quality one art design!
    Nearly a thousand customers praise, each piece is our design ability the best proof!

  • Design advantage

    Domestic frontier elite design team, more than 10 years of industry experience, each work is finely crafted!
    Pay attention to customer demand resolution, let the design and space function, business value realization maintain the height consistent!

  • Service system

    Professional and sophisticated one-stop service, quickly realize customer value!
    Standard, specification design process, casting overall design solution!

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