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The decoration geomancy matter of villa sitting room
Publisher:admin Add the time:2017/9/9 Viewed:631
Villas as large family houses, in the early design, designers need to do more thinking, today we are talking about: some feng shui of the villa decoration.
1. The moving line of the villa's living room should be smooth and not corrupt. Raw activity line, lest collision cause injury, affect mood. Think: face the wall as soon as you enter the gate; It takes a long walk to get to the living room; In order to get to the other space, you have to take three turns in the sofa to get to, such a living environment, how to live comfortably, let alone can cause accidental injury, the job is not good.
2. The living room colour should not be too flashy, the color is too complex, will bring a great influence to the family's psychology, also has the influence on the five lines of balance in the color.
3. The living room of the villa should be bright, the so-called fengshui school of the dark room. To ensure the adoption of natural light during the day, night lighting to give priority to in order to advocate the lamp, cooperate with local lighting, to meet the requirement of family life, and the color of light and temperature can make indoor air, the convection, produce good feng shui, but at the same time to avoid glare and the balance of the five elements of the so-called five lines.
4, according to according to the houses of the hexagrams, owner of the life, with five lines of g, gan triad, three, choose suitable auspicious decorations, put in the position of ", using the five lines of the law of birth, g, can exert great effects. It must be specified that the mascots are placed in the wrong place and the method is not correct.
5. The air in the living room of the villa should be circulated, so as to ensure the smooth and smooth air of the entrance porch, the air of the house and the window, and maintain a clean living environment.
6. The design planning of the TV background wall is the key of the living room and the key to feng shui planning. In feng shui, the TV background wall cannot be placed in the financial position, the household wealth is quiet and stable, while the TV is noisy and noisy, so as to avoid affecting the family fortunes. TV setting wall shape form may be very attention, appropriate USES to round, no edges and corners of the linear curved or straight as the main shape to avoid sharp corners, outstanding design, such as triangle, in order to prevent the formation of "evil spirit".
7, villa decoration style of the sitting room to be comfortable, warm and comfortable for the principle, avoid too cumbersome space planning, want to have the feeling of home, give the family a peaceful space, away from the annoyance of the earth, the faint in the city, at the same time to avoid the existence of some ShaQi, namely form and not evil spirit, allowing people is big!
8. We also have to consider the direction of the whole living room, and the direction of the living room, mainly in the face of the living room window. South to the living room background wall should make the main color with white. South is fire, but the anger when wanda, born in accordance with the five elements theory, gram of gold is fire, so if you want to grow the south to the type of the sitting room, white as first, because white is the color "gold". In addition to think, use white this kind of cool color to decorate, still can effectively reduce the heat of heat.

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