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The decoration is a little more prudent and a little less
Publisher:admin Add the time:2017/9/9 Viewed:695
In the decoration industry, also is a set of about 100 square meters of new homes, decorate some decoration company said two or three ten thousand yuan can, some decorate a company to offer five or ten thousand yuan, while others said to one hundred thousand yuan of above, these are very normal. The main is to look for decorating skill. So decorate want sedate, otherwise would have more regrettable! Below zhongshan decoration company small make up a company to say to everyone!
1. Brand is guarantee
For example, LV, hermes, chanel... Why are they offering so much, these big names, but still thousands of people want it? Because, they have the best designers, the best skills and high quality service, more - they are well-known brands in one hundred, they went through a myriad of grinding also is still a big today. Decorate the company also so, the company that lives in the industry for a long time and still is big brand still must have the redeeming place!

2. The quotation of materials is bottom
First, the decoration quotation is related to the material chosen by the decorator. The scarcity of materials may be more expensive compared to the materials that are scarce. Secondly, the quality of the material itself, the quality of the material, the aging period is relatively expensive, and conversely, relatively cheap; Once again it is brand, brand name, reputation good commodity is more expensive than the material of unknown small factory.

3. Different prices for different skills
The skill of the construction team refers to the construction level and production level of the construction personnel. Under the condition of the same material, the craft is very important factor in the workers, it directly affects the quality of the decoration, even with decorate a company to promotions, discounts, construction skills and skills can't discount. Skilled, well-trained builders charge a higher price, and vice versa, so ask for the level and grade of the builders in the face of the offer. In addition, by working hours, the longer hours, the higher the price.

4. Impact quotation of construction management
The brand company and the planning of the larger decoration company's home decoration project, also will have the engineering construction link tightly management and the excellent construction management personnel. A project without a good construction manager, even if there are good materials and good builders, is not likely to have high quality engineering. The construction process itself is a messy process, the family decoration involves more work, the cross work of each work and the sequence of the process is crucial to ensure the quality of the construction. The cost of decoration company management is reflected in the decoration quotation of the decorator, so the construction management also affects the quotation.
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