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The bedroom decorates small bedroom to decorate the matter that should notice
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Bedrooms - each person spends about a third of his day sleeping in the bedroom. In order to have a comfortable and healthy sleep, the environment in the bedroom should not be underestimated. The bedroom decorates beautiful and comfortable same main, cannot have beauty to forget comfortable, also can not be concerned with comfortable and disregard visual feeling. Some people feel that the bedroom of oneself is too small, worry can not achieve the effect of both, actually otherwise, small bedroom also can achieve both beautiful and comfortable effect. The below zhongshan decoration company make up the company to tell everybody
The bedroom decorates taboo and pay attention to matter - character and colour
The bedroom adornment wants to match with the whole adornment of the house, must be in the house all decorates individual character to undertake certain improvement. Because of the characteristic of the bedroom, so the adornment of the bedroom is the best is warm, thick yan is given priority to. As a result, a large portion of the population likes to use green and pink in the bedroom decor. Of course, the choice of the bedroom color is the best contact for the preference.
Bedroom decoration taboo and precautions - lighting
The lamp is the best tool, building atmosphere although the effect is not the same color of the lamp construction out is not the same, but if be smaller bedroom is best choose yellow, yellow can bring people comfortable, warm feeling. Of course, the optimal installation of some other lamps (such as wall lamp, etc.) in the bedroom. Conditional promise, still can add a few other color lamps and lanterns.
Bedroom adornment taboo and attentive matter - adornment
If the bedroom area is relatively small, in order to satisfy the function of the bedroom, must put a lot of furniture and so on, so, the locality that is used for adornment is much less. Therefore, as long as some special local decoration can be, such as bedroom background wall, etc. The abbreviation of the best adornment, should pay attention to when choosing adorn article to be mixed with bedroom color photograph.
The bedroom decorates taboo and notice the matter - position
The main things in the bedroom are best placed on the side of the window. This will ensure that these items are fully exposed to the sun and avoid the use of moisture due to moisture.
Bedroom decoration taboo and precautions - bed location
If the area of the bedroom is relatively small, then the time that puts bedroom bed has many problems. The head of the head of the bed is placed on the wall, so the bed is convenient a few, and the activity also won't encounter too big obstacle problem. Together, this place still has the characteristic that maintains cleanness, sanitation.
Matters that should be noted when decorating a small bedroom:
1, make full use of wall thickness, the residence is essentially frame structure, the wall thickness is usually a 24 May 12 cm, reasonable use of wall thickness, perhaps as a decorative cabinet put oneself in another's position, can save a lot of space. The metope of the bedroom is about 1/3 of the area is covered by furniture, adornment article, and the person's line of sight besides head of head of the head of a head, mainly focus on indoor furniture. Accordingly metope adornment should be abbreviated, the main space of the head of the head of the head can plan some have personalized adornment, the selection material should cooperate with all tonal, foil the bedroom atmosphere.
2, the room color is as bright as possible, if wearing black clothes can make a person feel thin the same reason, reasonable use good color, also can make the space looks "bigger".
3. The use of mirror personality, according to the decorative personality, the mirror is presented in a reasonable and appropriate way to make the vision have a good sense of extension. The size of the room is fixed, and everything just makes the room look bigger.
4. Build the whole personality, pay attention to the harmony of the large color block and the unification of the dominant personality, warm, strong and beautiful. Careful tone more popular, such as green is lively and endowed with oneself, pink is bright and gentle, blue is cool and refreshing romantic, gray or dark brown is collected fully clever elegant, full of sweet atmosphere in yellow is enthusiasm.
5, the light of the bedroom is illuminated with warm and warm yellow is fundamental key, the head of the head of the head of the bed can be put a lamp or wall lamp, also can embed the lamp in adornment ark, make indoor more romantic and comfortable warmth.
6. The curtain of the bedroom usually should plan a gauze curtain, make indoor environment more have emotional appeal.
7. The bed is on one side of the bed against the wall. This is not only good for bed and bed, but also makes people feel wide. Bed face should be off the ground 50 centimeters, bed bottom must keep clean, unfavorable accumulation sundry. Leave the ground, and do not accumulate sundries can keep the bed bottom air unimpeded, reduce ground moisture to infiltrate mat, and affect health. The drawer of bedside cabinet must be equipped with good hardware, push-pull can smooth and smooth.
After the bedroom adornment is finished roughly, the place of the household that is placed in the bedroom and adornment goods is in place also have exquisite. When carrying out bedroom furniture and adornment article put, have a few adornment taboo:
1. The bed should not be too close to the glass window, so it can not be used to the work and affect the development of the work. The modern metropolis often has a building, a building behind a building, a building with a building near the building, and the bed is too close to the window, so that the bedroom does not maintain its privacy very well. Other, because the city is becoming more and more complex, the annoying noise will pass through this not too thick glass window to affect your sleep; The phrase "dream under the window" was also fulfilled in my practice. According to previous feng shui books, the bed is too close to the window, which simply leads to "red apricot wall".
2, the bedroom likes to use the whole window, avoid to use the two or more of the window that divide a window is the matter of a window wall, but pay out bonus several blocks, think to all trouble. It's no wonder that feng shui is taboo. There is a lot of discord among the officers, not a single one. Look more when you buy a house.
3, flowers and plants suitable for the living room is not suitable for the bedroom bedroom to enlarge leaves, broad leaves of the plant. Strengthen the love between husband and wife, enhance the master's wealth. Do things by heart. The boss likes it. Small leaf plants can let master fall into trivial point. The officer is always repeating.
4. Mirror and floor door and window should not be used for the bed mirror to block evil, the function is to reflect back, so not to bed. Especially when you wake up from your sleep, when you don't know very well, it is simply reflected in a mirror or a mirror in a French window.
The adornment of the bedroom decorate need to pay attention to notice the room in general, for formal decoration company can be great help us to decorate good, we just need to wait for check-in, but we still want to know some common sense on the room decoration, so can help us better finish the adornment of the house is not entrap some unscrupulous merchants.
The attention that bedroom decorates has a few points, one is the space layout wants to be discreet, all in the bedroom overall space layout, want to be ordinary, deliberate to win. Inside the bedroom bed is the main character in the room, the position of the bed much of the interior space of the above resolution planning, usually the bedroom room there are two ways, one is balanced type, in the case of relatively small room, able to plan for remaining space set wardrobe against the wall on both sides.

Other metope in the circumstance that the bedside space agrees, can set low ark and dresser at the bedside; Other one is symmetric type, under the condition of the room is big can adopt this way, first find a room in the middle axis, along the bed and bedside table against the wall, on one side of the bed put dresser or desk, on the other side put round-backed armchair or small sofa, etc. With bed corresponding place to place combination low ark, put television in the center, strengthen symmetrical characteristic accordingly.
Second, the exterior of the family private should be ordinary and ordinary, the furniture of the bedroom is in the exterior plan to want to see serious, then show quiet affinity.
First, the furniture of the bedroom wants to choose outside type concise, lively, easy series product, remember bed, dresser, chest and so on individual individual character of individual character is wide, give a person with disorganized feeling. Second, should pay attention to the control of domestic private scale. Generally speaking, the furniture of the bedroom should be low, short, flat, straight, mainly, although the height of the chest has its specific use request, but often also want height control is below 2 meters below.
Now particularly prevalent side wall type chest, that is, from top to bottom, from left to right every wardrobe, though from a useful viewpoint to satisfy the owner's request, but from the psychological feeling view analysis is reasonable? Bedroom adornment should seek professional adornment company to come to decorate, such adornment action ability can have assurance, after all adornment quality is what we want. If you need more knowledge of decoration, you can pay attention to zhongshan decoration company.
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