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Zhongshan new home decoration prevents accounting for the above four principles
Publisher:admin Add the time:2017/9/9 Viewed:721
As a small white, how can you save money to decorate? How can I not be coiled by a designer to add accounting? How can you not make a big deal? Zhongshan decoration company small make up to tell you, decorate need to obey four principle only, make sure to let you calculate not greatly exceed standard.
1. Understand the decoration project and the price list
Decorate accounting ready, general is decorated in the settlement of time consuming, not too much overweight "household decoration professional management services" has a regulation, unless the owner right in asking for a raise, or decorating accounting shall not exceed 8% of the decoration quotation. If the owner is looking at the account when the account exceeds the offer 8%, that shows the low price that the original decoration company gives is to attract the method that the owner contracts only. By the time the real construction is done, there will be a variety of projects that will have to be added.
Want to want to want to want to be cheated by the method of low drive, the owner wants to know before the decoration project and the price list, then to the home to see the demand to do what project. Because each owner's demand is different, the condition of the house itself is different, so the project nature also is different. For example, old-style houses are often redone, and gas pipes need to be changed, and new pumping motors are needed to fill in the requirements. Also the equipment that defend bath, the kitchen also wants to mark in quotation.
2. Recognize the difference between material grades
There are many kinds of materials involved in the decoration, even the same materials, and there is a distinction between them. Maybe your designer gave you a very low price. You can see that the material is not different from the quotations you can get from other companies. The materials are all those materials. But although the types of materials did not change, the grades were different. Decorate material to have burned functional hierarchical, for example, a-class non-combustible, B1 level flame retardant, B2 combustible, B3 level flammable, ceiling decoration materials, decoration materials, decoration materials on the ground, metope, partition decoration materials, fixed furniture, decoration fabric, other decorate material to the seven categories, each category is asked for their level of burning.
3. Express requirements clearly
Decoration is not a matter for designers and workers, and the owners themselves need to do their homework in advance. When communicating with the designer, you need to give the designer what you want, and list them all, so that you won't forget them in time. For example, some owners in the renovation to almost closing time to receive not set up the kitchen space, it is demand from planning, serious word will rework, rework costs can only bear the owner.
4. Don't change the design at will
The decoration construction is based on the design plan, so the requirements will be thoroughly determined before construction. Once the project is started and the project is completed, the cost of decoration can be added or doubled.
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