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Zhongshan balcony decoration skill how to decorate a good balcony
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Nowadays many people decorate the residence to be standardized, and these dwellings have the balcony, that balcony closes is very good? Now with zhongshan decoration company make up a company to understand!
1. When the balcony is sealed, it will form a poor ventilation in the residence, making the air in the residence difficult to keep fresh, and the content of oxygen will decrease accordingly. Compound, on the other hand, the family of breath, cough, sweating, etc., will form the human body itself pollution, coupled with a stove, cooking, water heater and other goods of many harmful substances, is due to the balcony was trapped in the house. It is easy to present symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

2, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can reduce the density of interior pathogenic bacteria, and healthy people to enjoy the sunshine can also refreshing, decreased in closing balcony and indoor the illuminate of sunshine, not only easy to form many germs, may also form growth stunted growth and present rickets in infants.

Therefore, the balcony still does not close to be good. However, also should be careful not to overcompensate, do not want to seek the ventilation lighting effect of the balcony, choose hollow-out type balcony exterior type. Nowadays, many real estate developers to enlarge business opportunity, often will choose hollow-out balcony to express Europe amorous feelings, in order to increase the selling point of the residence. The balcony that hollow-out is really beneficial to the ventilated daylighting of the residence, but this kind of balcony also has certain malpractice in the pattern.

Hollow out on the balcony made the fengshui of the big fear of "knee vanity", others from outside the residence looks out on the balcony, can easily see the residence within the people below the knee, not only causes the privacy of home, and to the person's mental health is very bad. Accordingly, the balcony is on the outside type to avoid the wall structure that closes a closed form, want to avoid to use outside type succinct to pass the flower baluster, make the balcony presents hollow-out form.

One of the most desirable ways to achieve this effect is that a third of the lower part of the balcony is a solid wall, while the top two-thirds are glass Windows and often open. In this way, not only will there not be the "void of the knee", but also won't because "shut down the door of the na qi", to the residence's geomantic influence.

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