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Zhongshan decoration knowledge _ prevent decoration cat _ do decorate flowers to understand money
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Owner is decorating exceeds bid is always facing budget problems, are generally pour in shouldn't spend money to local, local and ignored the money, how can such an outfit that satisfy yourself? Today, zhongshan decoration company make up for everyone to share which is worth the money, which are not worth spending, teach you to spend the money on the blade.
It's not worth the money
1. There are some hard clothes
1. The wall brick: the wall brick is decorated only, but not easy to be knocked down to wear, use good brand special price to be no problem.
2. Coating: the coating is mostly green and formaldehyde-free, with the price of a good brand, and there is no difference.
Marble window sill: natural marble is similar, do not need to import stone material necessarily, price is much more expensive than domestic goods, but quality is similar.
2. There are some soft clothes
Furniture: there is no need to buy solid wood, expensive, hard to handle, and not in accordance with modern life. Use a good bit of plank, even the move is not too bad.
2. Remove door: the door body is not used well, mainly look to guide rail, the guide track just decides to move the door to use the longevity number.
3. Water sink: you can find the middle and middle coat, and the smooth surface is easy to shave.
3. Some accessories
1. The crystal lamp: it is easy to be broken and easy to clean.
Condole top: the condole that the skill of the game is delicate and have a table, also can appear the space depressive burden, so choose the cheapest aluminium gusset plate just good.
It's worth the money
There are some hydropower
1. Hydropower road: the shading project of the water and electricity roads should be completed. Once the water is leaking, the maintenance work will cost more.
2. Dark box: the circuit box should be used well, avoid wormbite, and protect the circuit from moisture.
There are some bedrooms
Mat: every day hard work, there is a good quality mat too important, improve sleep quality, release pressure, also can less ill.
2. Enter the wall closet: save space and increase the wardrobe capacity. Also pay attention to the accessories.
There are some in the kitchen
1. Smoking machine: it's hard to make a noise after the bad sign has started. Besides, the smoke proof effect is poor, the kitchen is extremely simple product.
Ambry: the longer you live in the kitchen, the more your cabinets need to be.
There are some bathrooms
1. Shower shower: when the water is low, it will be small when it is too small, or you will die if you want to die, or if you choose a better one, you will be well.
2. Water heater: the water heater belongs to the high temperature dangerous electric appliance, the internal insurance function and the temperature and effect function must be better, at this time choose a better brand is very necessary.
3. Toilet: your toilet can be much better than cheap, but it can make you not need to plug your troubles into the toilet. Is it worth it?
8. Some accessories
The faucet: frequent use, poor once the bad affect the life immediately, also easy to form leak, gain the loss.
2. Silica gel: especially the silica gel of sink and washbasin, don't look down on it, the thin ring supports a whole basin, not choose a better point, very simple whole dump.
3. Socket: socket affects the longevity and safety of all electrical appliances. Choose carefully.
Finally, decorate time not to spend more money to be able to get the best decorate function, must press the money flower to local. Must be aware of the trick of decorating a job! If you need more knowledge of decoration, you can pay attention to zhongshan decoration company net.

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