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Zhongshan decoration plaster wall wallpaper good you want to know
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As to many decorating small white, want to create a sweet and beautiful home with the wall paper, again afraid not to understand the market, when the big head, hence be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Actually, the wall paper is not so disjointed, conversely, the wallpaper is more simple than other decoration data, the decoration function is also the best, excellent quality and reasonable price. Today, zhongshan decoration company small make up with you to talk about decorating plaster wallpaper must know common sense.
1. Wall processing is the key
Of wallpaper, wall due to shadowing engineering, if ignored, wall paper on wall, will present a series of problems: stick out soon mold stained, internal air bubble, dense, become warped edge problem haunted... As the foundation is related to the building, the wall of wall paper's carrying effect is also immeasurable, once the neglect, all the sweat will be put into water. The wall treatment should do the following:
1. Waterproof
Wall seepage is a big taboo, even if do not put up wall paper, believe who also dare to live in the house of wall seepage every day, life safety may not be guaranteed. Avoid wall seepage have waterproof engineering, with particular emphasis on here is that of neighbor is the metope of toilet, on the wall of toilet, it is necessary to do more waterproof, lest make wallpaper is affected by the wet toilet.
2. Guarantee flat
If the wall is cratered and potholes, it is difficult to increase construction, but it is difficult to guarantee the quality of construction, and the impact is beautiful. Therefore, the wall is flat and vital. Discriminant wall is flat method is very simple, usually with the naked eye can survey out, or with the aid of incandescent lamp in the corner upon investigation, also can use long sticks against the wall, see if there are any gaps.
Second, supplementary material selection is very important
The wall paper is mainly used to refer to the base film and wall paper glue, which is the most representative of the functional base film and edible grade of glutinous rice glue, leading the industry trend. Following the development of the wall paper industry, it is necessary to brush the base film to be the industry consensus. The damage caused by the brushless film is difficult to predict. Six reasons to brush the base film:
(1) prevent the wall from moisture, moisture and mildew.
(2) to obstruct the wall containing alkali substances.
(3) solidify the wall and avoid the peeling of wallpaper.
(4) cover the stain and beautify the wall.
(5) maintain wall and facilitate construction.
(6) water-based raw materials, safe and environmental protection.
3. How to choose excellent wallpaper glue
Now, glutinous rice glue with its strong, green and green, gradually replace the traditional gelatine paste, become the wallpaper glue mainstream. Sticky rice glue belongs to starch glue, it is the most environmentally friendly wallpaper glue, and the construction is convenient, the viscosity value is the common glue gelatine more than three times, suitable for a variety of wallpaper, is the first choice of household wall wallpaper. Of course, the glutinous rice glue in the market is also a mixture of fish and dragons, and the selection of the excellent glutinous rice glue should be taken as follows:
(1) select products with "10 ring certification" and "eu certification" to ensure environmental protection
(2) select products with clear goods and manufacturer information and reject the three commodities
Three, the wall paper should have the six conditions
Wallpaper is house decorate hard outfit last construction activity, the beginning of soft outfit, should be in all hardware such as wood, paint, water and electricity, plaster all over, and after a health cleaning.
1. The floor is installed
2. Play footwork
3. Door cover and door set
4. Wooden lacquer finish
5. The air conditioning hole is punched well
6. Curtain rod hole is played well
4. Precautions after completion of construction
After completion of the construction, you should also pay attention to some details, such as ventilation, cleaning and maintenance. Pay attention to these details, use the bedroom that decorate with wall paper, can always maintain beautiful, clean function.
1. Dry wallpaper
After finish wall paper, should close door window 2-3 days, make the wall paper to dry. Just put up the wallpaper room immediately ventilated will cause wallpaper to edge and drum.
Avoid open seams
Do not open the heating and air conditioning before the wallpaper is dry, so as not to shorten the wall paper to create a crack.
3. Moisture-proof ventilation
When the air humidity is larger, it is important to close the window in time to avoid the invasion of humid air outside. When the weather is better, open the window in time.
These are the main common sense of wall paper, can not be unsaid secret, now, do you understand? Hope to decorate to your home to have help! If you need to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to sun yat-sen decoration company net.
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