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Zhongshan environmental protection decoration good method of formaldehyde pollution prevention and control of small knowledge
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Now more and more attention to environmental protection decoration, how to remove formaldehyde after decorating has become a direction that we pay more attention to. Formaldehyde is harmful to the human body, and it may lead to death. Today, zhongshan decoration company make up a few methods for us to collect formaldehyde, come and see it together!
What harm does formaldehyde have
Before removing the formaldehyde method, we still need to know the harm of formaldehyde.
In the case of pregnant mothers, prolonged exposure to formaldehyde gas may cause the fetus to deform and even die. For the elderly, it can cause the elderly to become disorganized, dizzy and resistant to the disease. For men, prolonged inhalation may lead to sperm deformation and death.
The main manifestations of formaldehyde damage: dizziness, disgust, dry vomiting, chest tightness, weakness, palpitation, insomnia...
Completion of ventilation
This already is now a house to decorate knowledge, after finishing the finishing, will empty the house a period of time, let indoor air natural circulation replace to take away and dilute indoor harmful gas. The simplest and most primitive method is the most useful one. Need to pay attention to ventilation, to open, all kinds of wooden furniture appear on the rainy day usually pay attention to shut the doors and Windows, ventilation for a period of time after check the indoor formaldehyde content, at least to reach the lowest lived into the environmental protection standard.
Activated carbon deformaldehyde
In addition to formaldehyde, activated carbon is also widely used by many owners, and it is also selling various activated carbon and bamboo charcoal bags. By absorbing the harmful gas in the space, the effect of removing formaldehyde is achieved. However, there is a flaw in the removal of formaldehyde from activated carbon - the effect space is small. Activated carbon can only absorb the harmful gas of the surrounding space, the larger the space, the greater the use of activated carbon.
Plant formaldehyde
Plants are called big natural purifiers, some special plants and formaldehyde purifiers. Here are some powerful formaldehyde purifying plants.
Crane orchid: the decoration sex of condole orchid is very good, here not to say. And its ability to absorb formaldehyde is strong, has always been, bracketplant is referred to as "green purifier", aside from formaldehyde, bracketplant but can absorb more than 80% of the country's indoor harmful gas! Other, the crane orchid breed is easy, the adaptability is strong, the hand remnants party basically also need not need to raise live to raise the heart.
Aloe vera: the effect of aloe vera may be that many people stay on the effect of beauty, but the reeds' ability to absorb formaldehyde is one.
Longlang flower: to say that the flower is probably not well understood, it also has a name called African chrysanthemum, except for the excellent absorption of formaldehyde function, the ornamental is also very strong, some kinds more can be used to cut flowers.
Ivy: whether from purifying the air or decorating feng shui, the ivy is a good decorating plant. In addition to being able to absorb formaldehyde strongly, there is excellent absorption capacity for formaldehyde in the carpet, in insulating materials, in plywood, and in xylene, which is hidden in wallpaper.
Green luo: the green roo has a strong ornamental ability, the ability to absorb formaldehyde is very strong, also can purify the air extremely well, but notice, the green luo xixi is not happy Yang.
Network soil method
Water in addition to formaldehyde, formaldehyde is soluble in water, and then stretched so a soil solution, but it has a big flaw, touch ability dissolved, but there's not much of touch horizontal and formaldehyde;
Orange, grapefruit skin: this is also a soil way to pass for a long time, but many people are sceptical about its feasibility, orange, grapefruit skin more cover up the smell, in addition to the ability of formaldehyde in the second.
There are various kinds of soil methods, such as steamed vinegar, stinky tofu and so on.
Formaldehyde eradicator
At first, this method is very useful to directly, but now this kind of product is also emerge in endlessly, chemical products, nano light catalyst, concentrate plant products in addition to formaldehyde, etc., the professional needs to pay attention to more and more and even can not form a "secondary pollution" is a question to ponder.
The above introduces a few common kinds of ways to remove formaldehyde, but is there really a way to remove formaldehyde? The answer will probably disappoint you, because there is no such thing. Then we for the sake of your family's health and future of a better life, in addition to rack one's brains after decorating, in addition to formaldehyde in decorate also want to pay attention to, as far as possible to buy environmental protection material, adopt green decorate way, keeping the harmful gas in specification line.

Formaldehyde is difficult to avoid in decorating, so we try not to decorate the rush to check in, the ventilation time will make the indoor environment very good, the smell is less. If you need to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to sun yat-sen decoration company net.
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